Artwork 28 blue

JK 43
Jan Kath
Silk — Wool
Hand-knotted, 100 knots
300 cm x 250 cm
9'10" x 8'2"

In Artwork 28 blue, Jan Kath has transposed the profound colour spectacle to the carpet. In the ARTWORK collection, he uses wool to ‘paint’ instead of a brush—paintings in wool. Therefore rich colour pigments, arranged on top of one another layer by layer on a canvas, form the basis of this collection. Over time, the colours are eroded, scraped off, and wiped away. Time is the artist behind these works.

As a result, what appears to the beholder to be random has been precisely specified by the designer in his template and can be perfectly reproduced by the experienced weavers in the workshops in Kathmandu. To produce the complexity of the design as precisely as possible, the weavers often change the material knot after knot. As such, up to 24 colours may be used in a single carpet. The finest Chinese silk, Tibetan highland wool, and nettle fibres material mix gives the rugs exceptional depth and expressive power. The abstract ARTWORK collection is a new, further enrichment in the design portfolio of Jan Kath. Like almost all collections, alterations and adjustments can be made depending on the project.

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