Barbara Frua
Cashmere wool
180 cm x 120 cm
5'10" x 3'11"

The marine world, the elegance of the agaves and the early twentieth century decorativism are revived in unusual perspectives in the new collection by Barbara Frua for Alberto Levi Gallery. Between regenerated silks and natural Thai fibers that bring the interior designer’s colours to the garden.

The new collection of art rugs created by Barbara Frua, interior designer of the most eclectic and sophisticated colorism, for the Alberto Levi Gallery

The colourist taste of Barbara Frua and the profound sensitivity of Alberto Levi, one of the greatest connoisseurs of knots and textures of the great textile traditions, which he is looking for in Iran, India, China and Turkey, come together in a collection of small and large furnishing suggestions. A world tour made with the mind and heart, ethical, sustainable, of continuous fascination.

Works to experience and from which to be fascinated every day by the singular perspectives, the trompe l’oeil effects, the surprising colours.

Here are long stylized agave leaves, alternating with acid green on a brown background, accompanying the steps on a woolen runner. Here are octopus tentacles to transform a minimalist tapestry into a mysterious universe. And are they tribal spears or porcupine quills streaked with black and white, these motifs that emerge instead from its declination in coral or in a warm honey color? And, again, it is impossible not to get lost in the spirals of the ammonite played by Barbara Frua on red, black, ocher, or let oneself be captured by the skeleton of an echinoidea, the sea urchin, woven in a singular perspective “in plan” by which emerges as a singular fifteenth-century dome floating at the bottom of a motionless, primordial sea, in the shades of green that the designer prefers.

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