Imperial Carpet Border Fragment with ‘Standing Water’ Pattern

Kangxi period (1662-1722)
Ningxia, Northern China
255 cm x 28
8'4" x 11"

A fragment of a large Imperial carpet with the ‘standing water’ design developing along the vertical axis. We know this pattern from a carpet once in the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden Palace of Beijing (see Glanz der Himmelshone – Kaiserlische Teppiche Aus China 1440-1750, plate 4, p. 63) although its closest comparable is the Pine carpet with mountains, waves and lotus flowers (see Glanz, plate 32, p. 108). Originally sourced in Lhasa, Tibet, this piece is published in K. de Jong Dragon & Horse – Saddle Rugs and Other Horse Tack from China and Beyond, Hong Kong 2013, plate 6.18, p. 82.

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