Fragment of Rug with Multiple Coupled-Column Niches

Circa 1700
Ushak, Western Anatolia
372 cm x 135 cm
12'2" x 4'5"

I have seen at least one other example of this type, which is a multiple prayer rug composed of two rows of niches. This is a fragment of a single, incomplete row composed of five teal blue niches supported by a pair of columns. The secondary red niches, being coloured just like the spandrels, emphasise the three dimensionality of the teal coloured niches, as if projecting into a celestial dimension.

  • Warp: wool, ivory Weft: wool, red, 2 shots between knotted rows
  • Knot: symmetrical, weaving direction is sideways to niche (left to right); no warp depression
  • Knot count: 5H x 8V = 40 knots/square inch
  • Selvages: flat, two sets of paired warps
  • Ends: missing
  • Colours: teal blue, sky blue, medium blue, blue, light green, blue-green, yellow, apricot, brick red, greyish purple, black, ivory (12)
  • Condition: an unrestored fragment of the upper section of a multiple niche rug, professionally conserved on a cotton backing

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