Fine Antique Senneh Haft Rangh Rug

Circa 1880
Western Persia
Silk — Wool
200 cm x 130 cm
6'6" x 4'3"

From the Persian for ‘seven colours’, the Senneh haft rangh rugs are perhaps among the finest weavings of the Persian revival period, exquisitely woven with the finest wools on multicoloured silk warps. The original purpose of this structure was that of mimicking the texture of the fine Indian shawls of Kashmir, which have been imported in Iran since the age of Nadir Shah and which were highly prized among the Qajar aristocracy of the period. The hasht par (eight petal) pattern seen here was typically reserved for the finest examples of Senneh weaving. The glowing, jewel-like colours are fully appreciated here given the mint condition of the piece.

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