Fine Antique Agra Carpet with All-over Scrolling Palmettes

Circa 1880
Northern India
350 cm x 240 cm
11'5" x 7'10"

Agra carpets have historically been regarded among the most refined decorative carpets. They were commissioned by British nobility during the colonial period to adorn their castles and palaces. This finely woven example, in excellent condition, is distinguished by the exquisite blue green color of the background, contrasting beautifully with the refined crimson red of the border and by its modular pattern of scrolling palmettes, which is derived from the fine Isfahan carpets of the Safavid period. Agras represent the pinnacle of the decorative carpet market in that they embody the classicism of Mughal iconography with a palette that is much closer to western sensibility. Agra carpets manifest the ideal syncretism of style, and for this reason they have been the first choice among interior designers since the 19th century. Together with the contemporaneous Ziegler carpets, Agra has always been the trademark for noble and timeless quality.

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