Barbara Frua
300 x 90 cm
9'10" x 2'11"

Elica is part of the Par terre collection which goes beyond showcasing the sophisticated craftsmanship of carpets; it is a celebration of tradition and decorum that surpasses the conventional boundaries of carpeting, harmonizing functionality and aesthetics in the creation of each piece. Barbara Frua has reinvented iconic designs, infusing them with new vibrant nuances. This process of elaboration has generated a collection of carpets characterized by a continuum in Par terre’s rich history, expressed through various interpretations defined by a range of materials and textile weaves.

Exploring the world of jute craftsmanship and research has led to the development of three distinct textures (flat weave, sumak, and pile), each of which is suitable for specific placement within the interior design project.

Inspired by the intricate art of Japanese origami, the designs of the new collection emerge from the interplay of folds and effects of light and shadow, reminiscent of the delicate workmanship of paper sculptures.

For the new collection, Barbara Frua has expanded her characteristic palette to 24 colors, opening the stage to refined and bold choices. With this wide range of colors, the possibilities for combinations are infinite, giving customers the opportunity to express their unique styles and preferences in every environment.

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