Double-sided flat-woven cover

Circa 1900
Hezar Jerib area, Mazandaran region, Northern Persia
216 x 216 cm
7'1" x 7'1"

An extremely rare, square sized double-sided kilim from the Mazandaran region, distinguished on one side by a symmetrical arrangement of nine squares in different colours, and its reverse side by an asymmetrical array of brick red horizontal stripes on an ivory background. The thickness of this flat-weave is identical to those having only a single face, indicating that it consists of a single layer of weft-faced design obtained by employing only one set of warps and two sets of wefts. The actual use of most of these extremely fine Mazandaran flat-weaves still remains a mystery. What is clear is that they were always woven with the finest, silky wool, dyed in order to obtain a very rich yet harmonious colour contrast. The care with which these were made is characteristic of Persian weavings of the highest quality, which are typically preserved by families as heirlooms.These were folded away and displayed only during special occasions, therefore accounting for their immaculate condition.

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