Art Deco French Aubusson D.I.M.

circa 1920
445 cm x 445 cm
14'7" x 14'7"

This Art Deco French Aubusson D.I.M. symbolises the quest for innovation that characterised the early years of the Art Deco period. It can be seen in much of the textile art of that era. D.I.M. (Décoration Intérieure Moderne) was a leading Parisian interior design firm, owned by two of the most creative artistes-décorateurs of the time, René Joubert and Philippe Petit. Together they designed for the most prestigious interiors. There every object—ranging from figurative to abstract—was custom made by them and by a host of designers in order to address specific requirements.

The progressive pattern of this Aubusson carpet departs completely from the traditional scheme. Here we see a ‘sunburst’ motif composed of four layers of helix-like devices arranged in such a way as to create a sixteen-pointed star. The background colour gradates from an aqua blue to a warm neutral to a halo of white, while additional rays further emphasise the radiating energy of the design.

S. Day, Art Deco and Modernist Carpets, London, 2002, pp. 54-55.

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