Art Deco Chinese Carpet by Helen Fette

Circa 1925
Northern China
298 cm x 248 cm
9'9" x 8'1"

A superb example of Art Deco weaving originating from China for the Western market. Finely knotted with silky wool with a floppy yet sturdy handle, a characteristic of the Fette-Li carpet workshop. Helen Fette went to China as a missionary, selling small rugs to raise funds for charities. She teamed up with Chinese rug manufacturer Li Meng Shu to form the Fette-Li Company. They started producing rugs out of the Peking area in the early 1920s and were one of the largest exporters of the period. Fette rugs are recognisable by their floppy feel. The cotton warps are thinner and more pliable than those used in Nichols carpets, resulting in a soft, supple feel to the pile.

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