Antique Ziegler Rug with Medallion

Circa 1880
Western Persia, Sultanabad|Persia
275 cm x 176 cm
9'0" x 5'9"

The Antique Ziegler Rug with Medallion woven by the Anglo-Swiss firm of Ziegler & Co. are often characterised by a quintessential elegance that places them at the pinnacle of the decorative carpet market. In this refined example of rare small format the sky blue field is dominated by an ivory poly-lobed medallion with pendants, which adheres to a scheme typical of the early Ziegler cartoons and which was particularly popular in the West during the late 19th century (see A. Ittig, ‘Ziegler’s Carpet Cartoons’, Hali, vol. 17, no. 2, London, April-May 1995, pp. 82-87). The brilliant colour palette seen here, with rich and clear reds and yellows together with liquid blues and ivories, also distinguishes this Ziegler carpet from the plethora of later copies woven in the Arak region.

Antique Textile Art IV, n. 18, p 39

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