Antique Zakatala Rug


This antique Zakatala rug belongs to the group of weavings known as Zakatala has been been discovered only in recent times by the rug world. The fall of the Soviet Russia has meant an opening of frontiers which enabled the appearance in the West of previously unknown types, which until then were passed directly from mother to daughter as part of the family’s heirloom. As such they were often never used as floor coverings, rather they were hung on the walls by successive generations in order to preserve them from wear. Distinguished by its relatively large, squarish format, the design on this glorious example is composed of a central coral red reserve flanked by two narrower ivory compartments, each containing a series of hooked lozenges similar to the ram’s horn motif, which is a quintessential tribal emblem employed throughout Eurasia. The outstanding lustrous wool quality, which is in its original full pile condition, together with the rich and varied palette, contribute in making this rug a best of type for this elusive group.

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