Antique Yellow Ground Khotan Rug

Circa 1860
East Turkestan
201 cm x 151 cm
6'7" x 4'11"

The allure of the carpets from eastern Turkestan, better known as Samarkands, is best exemplified in the perfect balance between the force of the geometric design and the graceful eloquence of the curvilinear motifs. This rare yellow ground example is decorated by a series of elements typical of the iconography of Samarkands. The central medallion is flanked by gul-like motifs and surrounded by clusters of flowering pomegranates, while stylised dragons adorn the spandrels. The wide inner border, composed of large eight-petalled rosettes, grants a sense of openness to the composition.

Alberto Levi Gallery, Antique Textile Art II, plate 24, page 51.

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