Antique Pictorial Yarkand Rug

Circa 1920
East Turkestan
239 cm x 178 cm
7'10" x 5'10"

Woven during the Art Deco period, rugs of this type were commissioned by the nobility and the high ranking officers inhabiting the Tarim Basin in eastern Turkestan, which is the heartland of the oasis of Khotan, Yarkand and Kashgar. The rugs of these oases have a long standing tradition, and have been collected and cherished in the West with the traditional, old-fashioned term of Samarkand. The pattern depicted here is that of a wonderfully serene landscape, with a flowing river populated by adorable ducks against a perspective of flowering plants and trees rich in abundant fruit. The subdued palette contributes greatly to the highly Zen quality of the composition.

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