Antique Oversize Oushak Carpet

Circa 1890
574 cm x 404 cm
18'10" x 13'3"

Antique Oushak carpets are heirs of a very long-standing tradition. As rugs of this type were woven in western Anatolia since the Golden Age of the Ottoman empire in the 16th century. Originally referred to in the trade as ‘Turkey’ carpets, these are often embellished by designs originating within the Ottoman court workshop milieu. In time these have morphed with European-influenced decors, as often these were commissioned by the West and offered a more affordable alternative to the more densely woven, curvilinear Persian carpets. Examples like the one offered here, distinguished by a generously spaced, infinite repeat pattern of large-scale star palmettes alternated to rosettes in soft pastel tones of ivory, taupe, teal and coral, embody precisely the ‘Continental’ feeling that makes Oushak carpets among the first choices in contemporary interior design.

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