Antique Mongolian Carpet with Longevity Motifs

Circa 1880
Northern China
350 cm x 270 cm
11'5" x 8'10"

The rare carpets of Mongolia have in recent years achieved a stature of their own. They differ from traditional Chinese carpets in that they typically employ geometric patterns. Mongolian carpets are further distinguished by the use of lustrous wool of medium-high shear and by their floppy handle. Here the indigo blue field is distinguished by a central geometric medallion, derived from stylisations of the dragon motif, as well as by a repeat pattern along parallel town of the shou ideogram in its two versions. The shou ideogram signifies ‘long life’ in Chinese. The geometric corner elements, also stylised dragon elements, and the Greek-fret border are distinguishing features of early Mongolian carpets.

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