Antique Kazak Rug

Circa 1830
Southwest Caucasus
160 cm x 123
5'3" x 4'0"

This antique Kazak rug is a  rare and unusual rug decorated by a small hexagonal hooked medallion typical of the carpets from Borchalu, though flanked by two large ivory octagonal medallions characteristic of Fachralo Kazaks. The light blue field is enlivened by a series of hooked devices similar to the kotchanak motif seen on Turkoman rugs as well as on certain Karachop Kazaks, and is powerfully framed by a border consisting of polychrome double-T elements on a dark brown background. The archaic outline of the design and the refined palette allow us to date this rug to the first half of the nineteenth century, that is to a period preceding the establishment of the various Kazak typologies.

Antique Textile Art II, n.11, p. 25.

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