French Art Deco Cubist Rug

Circa 1925
Attributed to Ivan Da Silva Bruhns
266 cm x 177
8'8" x 5'9"

This French Art Deco Cubist Rug is a rare examples attributed to Ivan da Silva Bruhns (1881-1980) is among the most sought-after French Art Deco carpets. Characterised by an array of overlapping geometric elements, they are clearly influenced by the stylistic trends of the artistic avant-garde, such as Cubism. Da Silva Bruhns carpets were often commissioned by the artistes-décorateurs for the luxurious interiors of the Parisian upper class.

Here, the field is composed of intersecting rectangular planes in tones of camel, pink and teal blue set against a mustard yellow background.  Touches of mocha accent the details and corners. The result is a three-dimensional arrangement that is quite typical of Synthetic Cubism as expressed in the contemporaneous work of Picasso and Braque, with whom Da Silva Bruhns was closely acquainted. All the details of the pattern are executed precisely in the style of Da Silva Bruhns and could very well be a rare, unsigned piece designed by him.

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