Antique Cotton Dhurrie

Circa 1900
Northern India
298 cm x 150
9'9" x 4'11"

This antique cotton dhurrie represents the intricate art of crafting flat-woven cotton carpets, known as dhurries, traces its roots back to the 15th century, as chronicled in Mughal historical records. Serving diverse purposes, from bed covers to prayer mats, these dhurries were woven with meticulous detail and skill. Predominantly originating from the northern region of Rajasthan, these carpets often found their creation within the confines of local jails, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of the craft. Commissioned with specific intent, many of these dhurries adorned the opulent spaces within the Maharajah’s palaces, adding a touch of regality to the interiors. Over the centuries, the tradition of dhurrie weaving has evolved, yet its rich history and cultural significance endure, reflecting the artistry and craftsmanship of bygone eras in every intricately woven thread.This particular dhurrie bears the weaver’s mark (S.A.G.).

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