Antique Aubusson Rug

Louis Philippe, Circa 1840
Metal Thread — Wool
178 cm x 178 cm
5'10" x 5'10"

Aubusson rugs that were woven after the Restauration period distinguish themselves by a richer palette, as well as for employing architectural motifs often inspired by the ceiling decorations of the palaces from the Louis XIV-Louis XVI period. This refined example uses touches of red to contrast the black background and is enriched by metal thread, embroidered in various areas of the field and border. The square format and the symmetry of the composition remind us of the Aubussons from the Neoclassical period, while the complex ornamental motifs are similar to those found on the rare carpets of the prestigious Sallandrouze de la Mornaix workshop, which was active during the Louis Philippe period.

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