Sumak salt bag

Circa 1870
Moghan-Savalan plain, Northwest Persia
51 cm x 30
1'8" x 11"

A truly outstanding salt bag in pristine condition, the body distinguished by a white ground embellished by a Lesghi star and flanked at the top and bottom by the abdal-burun motif and on the sides by a star-like element, both part of the Shahsavan border design repertoire. The neck of the bag, also on a white ground, shows a zoomorphic motif similar to an eagle in flight. The rich and varied palette, which is expressed at its best through the use of high quality, lustrous wool, and the careful workmanship seen in every small detail of this bag, suggests that it must have represented an important commission. Indeed, it had been part for many years of the private collection of a Shahsavan tribal leader.

P. Tanavoli, Shahsavan, 1985, plate 249.

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