Pebbles beige

250 x 174 cm
8'2" x 5'8"

Pebbles beige is part of our textural contemporary collection. These rugs hold a unique charm in both modern and mid-century modern interiors. Their appeal lies in the homogenous appearance, which seamlessly integrates into soothing and calming spaces. These rugs are often not the focal point but rather a subtle design element that enhances the overall ambience of a room. Their simplistic complexity invites admiration and appreciation for their understated elegance, making them a perfect addition to any modern or mid-century modern interior.

The true beauty of textural contemporary rugs lies in their neutrality and adaptability, which allows them to calm the senses and massage the eyes. Their subtle textures and muted colours create a sense of serenity, making them ideal for spaces designed to be a refuge from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Textural rugs perfectly complement modern interiors characterised by clean lines, minimalism, and neutral colour palettes.

Textural Collection

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