Mujur Prayer Rug with Apricot Border

Circa 1780
149 cm x 129 cm
4'10" x 4'2"

This Mujur Prayer Rug with Apricot Border with it’s rich yet warm red background of the squarish niche (a characteristic which I have found typical of the earliest vintage) is juxtaposed against dark emerald green spandrels, framed by a polychrome tile design border set on apricot. The extreme fineness of weave together with the silky wool pile imparts a particular tactile quality to the piece. The feeling is that of knowing to be in the presence of a majestic rug.

  • Warp: wool, ivory Weft: wool, rust red, 2 shots between knotted rows
  • Knot: symmetrical, weaving direction is adjacent to niche, slight warp depression
  • Knot count: 9H x 10V = 90 knots/square inch
  • Selvages: flat, three sets of paired warps wrapped by pistachio green wool
  • Ends: missing
  • Colours: mahogany red, forest green, apricot, medium blue, light green, aubergine, brown black, ivory (9)
  • Condition: pile is uniformly medium-low, missing slightly at both ends. Some conservation and restorations to selvages. A few scattered knots of old repiling in the niche.
James Opie Collection, Portland

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