Art Deco Rug D.I.M. (Décoration Intérieure Moderne)

Circa 1920
245 cm x 145 cm
8'0" x 4'9"

The quest for innovation that characterised the early years of the Art Deco period can be seen in much of the textile art of that era. D.I.M. (an acronym for Décoration Intérieure Moderne) was a leading Parisian interior design firm, owned by two of the most creative artistes-décorateurs of the time, René Joubert and Philippe Petit. Together they designed for the most prestigious interiors, where every object was custom made by them and by a host of designers in order to fit their specific requirements, ranging from figurative to abstract designs. Early Art Deco carpet design was often influenced by the visual arts as many of the designers worked in close contact with the painters of the period in what was a very interdisciplinary milieu. Here we see a pattern echoing the deconstructive approach of Analytical Cubism, with opened spherical devices embellishing the centre as well as the spandrels, in a soft palette of neutral tones.

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