Antique Minimalist Rug

Circa 1900
Northern China
392 cm x 269 cm
12'10" x 8'9"

An extremely finely woven antique Chinese Peking rug enriched by the use of a very silky wool quality and characterised by an unusual colour palette. The open field background is distinguished by a very elegant aubergine colour obtained through the miscellany of red and blue wools of various shades, interrupted only by a small floral element in the center and by a vegetal motif and a butterfly in the opposite corners. In the areas where the red/blue wool ratio is higher, the pile seems to exude a red light, as if filtering through a blue layer. The border is distinguished by a solid lacquer red colour, a shade that we almost never see on antique Chinese carpets. A truly elegant and refined rug that can work in any type of setting, from traditional to Minimalist/Modern.

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