Aleph Tweed Ivory

300 x 250 cm
9'10" x 8'2"

Aleph Tweed Ivory is part of the Aleph collection, an exquisite embodiment of the delicate balance between tradition and modernity within the realm of rug design. It is a testament to the art of eclecticism, where the past converges harmoniously with the present. In the world of handmade flat weaves, the Aleph collection reigns supreme, showcasing the highest levels of craftsmanship and a profound connection to its Iranian roots. These rugs are a tribute to the enduring legacy of traditional nomadic flat weaves while emerging as a beacon of contemporary Kilim Art.

At the heart of this collection lies the principle of minimalism—a design philosophy that celebrates simplicity in its purest form. Minimalism is more than just a reduction of elements; it is an exploration of the very essence of design. It is a celebration of absence, a meticulous stripping away of extraneous elements, leaving only the core beauty to shine through. In the Aleph collection, minimalism takes the form of pared-back patterns and unequivocal colours, where each rug is a canvas of refined elegance and timeless grace.

The rugs in the Aleph collection are a testament to the power of simplicity. Their designs are characterised by clean lines, unadorned surfaces, and an aesthetic that thrives on subtlety rather than opulence. Each piece serves as a window into the soul of design, where every thread, every colour, and every knot is a deliberate and thoughtful choice. In this collection, less is not just more; it is everything.

Woven with the same traditional methods employed by antique nomadic flat weavers in Iran, the Aleph collection pays homage to its rich heritage.

It is a beautiful marriage of ancient techniques and contemporary sensibilities, breathing new life into a centuries-old art form.

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