Afshar Piled Sofreh

First half of the 19th Century
Southeast Persia
98 cm x 90 cm
3'2" x 2'11"

Formerly in the collection of A.U. Pope, the renowned Persian art authority, this finely knotted Afshar piled sofreh shows the characteristic pattern composed of an horizontal arrangement of shield-like palmettes alternated to stylised trees, each cluster being offset to the one above and below. What sets this example apart are the jewel tones of the early palette, abundant of clear yellows, greens and aubergine purples. The beautifully drawn border speaks in a very archaic language and shows the variations we normally associate with earlier tribal weavings. Last, but not least, the blanket-like fine handle is the ultimate distinguishing factor that sets this example apart from the group.

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